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You’ll Love this Beautiful Home in Boulder, Colorado

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Dusk photo of a home located near the foothills of Boulder, Colorado
This is a new type of post for the Bernardi Group. We want to share real, helpful information about our Boulder County real estate home listings. This way, potential buyers can learn more about each home and its backstory, as well as the neighborhood.

And, we couldn’t be happier to start this type of of blog post than with our sellers of 1125 Redwood Avenue. The home is located in Boulder, in the Granary neighborhood. For those who aren’t familiar, the Granary is located off of North Broadway, by Wonderland Lake.

Keep reading for more information on this beautiful Boulder County real estate listing.

When Doug and Tabitha move out of the their Redwood Avenue, Boulder home, they will definitely miss their neighborhood. Doug says, “The Open Space and amazing views of the Foothills are obviously the best part, but the proximity to other Boulder amenities spoil us as well.  Within a short one-block walk we have a great coffee shop, bakery, grocery, dry-cleaning and wine store!”

About their home, Doug will miss, “The way the wide expanse of glass and views from the back windows make you feel connected to the outside. It’s impossible to replicate and you never get tired of that view.”

Although the entire home is gorgeous, the back outdoors area is one of our favorite features. “When we purchased the home it was a new build so the backyard was just dirt and weeds.  We hired a landscape designer to help us create a beautiful outdoor living space that transitions from the modern lines of the home to the organic warmth of the open space and grass fields.  You can enjoy the views from the stainless spa or the amazing night sky from the fire pit,” says Doug. Let’s just say, the landscape designer did a fabulous job with the transition from modern home to organic living space.

The view of the back of a Boulder home with a hot tub, fire pit, and professional landscaping

The backyard of this beautiful Boulder, Colorado home. The hot tub, fire pit, and professional landscaping make it perfect for entertaining or relaxing.

Another of  Doug’s favorite features of the home is the open floor plan of the main level. “(It) works great for everyday living. You can cook, dine, entertain and hang out all from the same space.”  He also enjoys and uses the downstairs media room more than he expected to when he first moved into the house.

The couple enjoy wildlife from both their backyard and the large windows in the home, “We watch deer almost daily and never tire of it, but we’ve also seen foxes hunting and bald eagles soaring across the fields.  It’s like having the Animal Channel in HD right out your window.”

In addition to watching the wildlife from their Boulder home, they also like to get out into nature by walking. “We walk the Wonderland Lake loop almost every morning… It’s right at 2 miles and is a wonderful way to start your day. For longer hikes Hogback Ridge and Foothills Trails connect right off the Wonderland Lake Trail Head,” Doug says about the home’s proximity to one of Boulder’s most scenic trails.

Photo of a lake surrounded by green hills in Boulder, CO

The view of Wonderland Lake, as captured by Doug on a walk from his Redwood Avenue home.

The home is also close to some of Boulder’s urban areas. Doug tells us, “In the summer we enjoy walking the two miles down to Pearl Street for dinner and will either Uber back or jump on the bus.  We typically stop on the way home for Sweet Cow ice cream! We feel after we walked down (to Pearl Street), we deserve it! On Saturday morning we’ll also ride our bikes down to the Farmer’s Market and pickup some fresh produce, bread and cheese. Boulder has great bike trials and paths that get you downtown comfortable and quickly.”

Closer to Redwood Avenue is Logan’s Espresso Cafe, Lucky’s Market, and North Boulder Wine & Liquor. “In the morning you can’t beat a walk to Logan’s for coffee and something sweet at the bakery. In the afternoon we’ll often walk back to Lucky’s to grab something for dinner, and chat with the wine experts at North Boulder Wine & Liquor to find new a new bottle to try,” explains Doug.

Clearly, 1125 Redwood Avenue is a gem of the Boulder County real estate market. To see more images of this home, visit our You Tube page.  And, call us to schedule your own private viewing of this home, 303.402.6000.