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Condo for Sale in Denver Colorado – 4385 South Balsam Street

Denver Lakeshore Village Condo for Sale

4385 South Balsam Street, Unit 10-203, Denver, CO 80123

photo of a condo

I asked the sellers of this Denver condo some questions about their property to give you a better idea of what the home is really like. Kameron and Dani were kind enough to share this information to help you in your Denver home search.

Location Location Location

The condo is located in Lakeshore Village. When I asked them what they love best about the condo, Kameron said, “We love how quiet it is here! Before this, we always had to live right next to busy streets and intersections and would constantly be disturbed by sirens, honking horns, and blaring music. But here, the whole complex is nice and tucked away from the street. Plus, our unit is situated on the inner part of the complex, so we don’t even hear people coming in and out of the parking lot!” That sounds like a win to me.

They also love the location of the condo in relation to paths and trails. “We are voracious dog-walkers…usually about an hour a day…and there are tons of little paths and streets to walk on in this area. Plus, we have a bunch of really nice parks and lakes that are only about 5-10 minutes away.” And Kameron enjoys the huge green belt right outside the front door.

Kameron also enjoys Disc Golf, and shared that “there’s a really good (and free) course right down the street called Fehringer Ranch!”

Other hobbies the couple enjoy include ballroom dancing and watching movies. Kameron says, “…there are several dance schools in the immediate area. Arthur Murray is less than five minutes away. We’re only about 20 minutes from Downtown Denver, so we like to take the opportunity to go out to the Turnverein or La Rumba whenever we can. (And) there’s a ton of movie theaters around here.”

Additional local businesses the couple enjoy are Pho Vietnam and El Jimador Mexican Restaurant. They buy groceries at the nearby Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Target. There is also a mall for clothes, makeup, and window shopping. There are many gyms/fitness centers near the condo, and the couple currently go to Chuze Fitness on Bowles Ave.

Perks of the Home

When asked what they will most most about their home, Kameron says, “We’ll miss how easy our house is to clean! Ever since we got a robotic vacuum, we never have to worry about sweeping the floors. It’s also nice that everything is on the same level, so we don’t have to worry about vacuuming any stairs.” Because there is plenty of storage, the couple has a place to put everything. “Whenever we have guests coming over, we’re able to tidy up the whole house in about 30 minutes!”

Other features they love are the vaulted ceilings and fireplace. “The vaulted ceilings are awesome because it makes the place feel huge – it’s one of the main reasons we bought it in the first place,” explains Kameron. He goes on to say, “…we especially love the fireplace! We kept it on almost every day of the winter and we pretty much never had to use the thermostat.”

Specifics About the Home

  • 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,070 square feet
  • $284,500
  • South-facing end unit
  • Mountain views from balcony
  • Walk-in closet, spacious laundry room, central AC
  • Private parking and guest parking
  • Community pool, volleyball courts, trails, Marston Lake

Interested in learning more about this sunny Denver  condo? Give us a call at 303.402.6000. You may also view our Current Listing page to see additional properties.